The Backstory program is a live, interactive and creative history lesson for upper elementary students through adults. Actors visit classrooms and other venues to bring historical characters to life. Audiences have the unique opportunity to interact with the character following the performance.

Roughly 45 minutes in length, each performance includes a talkback with the actor(s). Our helpful study guide supports further classroom exploration.

Pre-or post-show sessions with our talented teaching artists can also be arranged.
Backstory invites students to step back in time for an interactive classroom experience with a featured historical character portrayed by a Syracuse Stage artist-in-residence.


Anne Frank: My Secret Life
by Patricia Buckley
Her diary, which has been translated into sixty-seven languages, remains one of the most widely-read books in the world.Through the eyes of this remarkable girl, we see into the annex of her father’s office, and in her own voice, hear her dreams for a better world. Monday & Wednesday mornings.


Written by Evan A. Starling-Davis
In the midst of the second great war, while at odds with a racially segregated military and Jim Crow South, a squadron of African-American pilots train at an overpopulated base in Tuskegee, Alabama. When they're called to fly out on their first mission, a mix of personalities transform into a historic beginning. Tuesday & Thursday mornings.

For more information contact:

Kate Laissle
Interim Director of Education

PRICING: $400 for one performance, $750 for two. $100 distance fee for performances over 50 miles away. 





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