Sensory Friendly Performance of Mary Poppins

Did you attend this special performance on January 7, 2017? We'd appreciate your feedback on the accommodations made specifically for this show in the post-show survey.
Prepare Your Family for the Performance
Special accommodations in this performance include:
- Lower sound levels, especially for loud or startling noises
- Reduced stage lighting
- Increased lighting in the theatre to allow easier movement if necessary
- Preparatory materials provided to parents and children before the show so families know what to expect, from the box office to the seats to what costumes may be seen
- Use of iPads or smart phones if being used as a child's communication device
- Designated rooms outside the theatre for those who may be overwhelmed and need a minute self-regulate
- Specially trained ushers, staff and volunteers


All tickets are $25 and include a 100% refund right up to the start of the show. 
Tickets can be purchased in person at the Box Office or by phone at 315-443-3275.


For more information on the sensory friendly performance, contact Kate Laissle, assistant director of education, at 315-442-7755 or

Check out this article on our upcoming sensory friendly performance from


Special thanks to Theatre Development Fund’s Autism Theatre Initiative for serving as an advisor,


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