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Phone: 315-552-0820
Email: SyracuseStageGuild@gmail.com
Twitter: @SyrStageGuild
Facebook: Syracuse-Stage-Guild


The Guild was formed in 1973 to promote and support Syracuse Stage. Our members contribute by being of service and raising funds for the theatre. Over the years, the Guild has done this successfully in many different ways. With continued support from committed Board members, the Guild is looking forward to being a valuable part of our theatre community for years to come.

One of the most dedicated and respected theatre guilds in the country, the Syracuse Stage Guild is one of the largest contributors to our on-going opera­tional funding. Last year, the Guild presented Syracuse Stage with a total gift of $57,500. Through various fundraising piano keyboard events highlighted by the annual Syracuse Stage Ball, and through in-kind efforts like the Saturday Night Suppers (where Guild volun­teers generously provide meals for our actors and crew), the Guild continues to be a driv­ing force behind our theatre’s success. To find out more about the Stage Guild email SyracuseStageGuild@yahoo.com.



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