Born, Raised, and Trained: B.R.A.T

Thanks for a great first year.

The newest Syracuse Stage Education Department program is working with students at Indian River High School in Jefferson County, close to Fort Drum, home of the 10th Mountain Division. The average class at Indian River is comprised of 30% local students and 70% children of veterans and active duty military personnel. B.R.A.T. will explore the complexity and reality of the students’ lives as told through a devised theatre piece. At its core, storytelling is our unique contribution as theatre artists to explore the human condition.
Devised theater, often defined as collaborative creation, is a form of theatre where the theatrical piece is developed with a group of people working together through guided improvisation and writing prompts. Through this exploration, a storyline is revealed. From this storyline, the group works together to develop a script, choreography, and the other elements of a production. This process will not only allow students to take an active role in the creation of a theatrical production from start to finish, but also introduce them to a unique form of storytelling.
Part One: Writing and Exploring
Students will first explore themes through written and physical prompts, such as photographs, personal objects, and letters, and given time to respond to prompts through various writing mediums such as poetic prose, verse, and narrative dialogue.
Part Two: Creation
Using the work from part one, students will create a script for a devised movement based performance piece. The piece will include technological elements of scenic projections/projection mapping. With the guidance of an artist facilitator and a director, students  will collaborate to create a 45 minute performance piece exploring themes discovered, focusing on both shared experiences as well as individual perspectives.
Part Three: Performance
The piece will be performed at both Indian River High School near Fort Drum and at Syracuse Stage in May. The performance at Syracuse Stage on May 25 will include live streaming so deployed family will be able to participate in the experience.




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